We design and deploy indoor and outdoor Distributed Antenna System (I-DAS and O-DAS) networks that both meet and exceed carrier grade specifications while meeting the needs of our customers and local public safety requirements. That matching of needs is the key to our success. When working with location owners and managers, we are able to represent the needs and concerns of the service providers. Conversely, when working with the service providers, we are able to represent the needs and wants of the location owner.

Alpha Telecom provides a full complement of service need to actualize a wireless DAS project. From site surveying, to the associated engineering and design, to the network installation, testing and optimization, Alpha Telecom provides each of its customers with a superior experience. We work with our customers in a collaborative method and we believe our turnkey network services allow us to provide customers with the most value in the IDAS and ODAS markets.

The successful completion of any DAS deployment requires well defined project planning. Alpha Telecom and our business partners provide the experience, planning, resource management and organizational skills necessary to achieve each individual project’s goals and objectives. The key phases of an Alpha Telecom DAS deployment are:

Site Survey

Initial RF Survey

Initial Design

Pre-Construction Survey

Final Design

Carrier Approval



Verify Components

System Acceptance